Friday, June 19, 2009

Do you have a true friend?

"Friends and books should be good and few", I have heard this!!!
"It's 3 in the morning and here's a call,
to cry out loud telling she had a bad day in the classroom and way to hall."

She tells you which outfit looks hotter, She tries and make you feel better!!
She wouldn't utter a word of disgrace no matter how awful you look in that make-up, She'll say it the other way round to make you feel comfortable and change it...!!
She'll kick you when u get unreasonable, or you're blatantly wrong...!!
She'll stand by you no matter you were irrational and totally wrong..but wouldnt let you feel insulted amongst a bunch..!!
She'll laugh and cry with you..!! She'll just say anything on your face and expect the same back..!!
She'll be willing to go beyond the call of duty for you and has every right to be angry with you if you do not do the same.
If you aren't well on the New year's Eve...she'll sit by you and just because she knows that you believe that.. however you spend your new year, you'll spend rest of the year the same...!!
And she doesn't want you to feel sick and alone...!!
" A true Friend knows everything bout you and still likes you "

She has a right over you, You don't fear to be yourself in front of her...!!

[P.S: I refer to "She", It can be "he" in that place too.

I want all the readers of this post to let me know, who do you consider your true friend as?

I want to know who your true friend is....and what is one cute thing bout him/her that makes him/her the best of all !!!

Is she your wife, your sister, your girlfriend, your classmate?
Or your brother, uncle, gym partner, father???

WHO?????? ]

(I referred to my Mom in my post, She is my true best friend....!!! Believe it or not she has all these qualities and even more...!! I love her)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Loving you

I know Heartbreak,

I know Pain...
I can feel the rain come down..
cuz You're here and you're mine...
When life gets tough
and I know somehow..

I'll make it through....
Cuz it's easyy
So easy..
Loving you.....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cannot Explain....

I Can't explain How it feels when

Everyone is against me....

I know you are along me...

And you would never believe thee..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

m a Movie Buff

One thing which is prominent about me is "my love for movies"
Doubt about others... but I always tend to get deeply involved in characters, personalities, tears, script, the set of the film...and so on...

As a child I always wanted to be an Actress...

This is one thing I haven't shared with anyone than Teddo.... but acting was the only thing I wished I could do and was the only thing I knew...

A more than an average student...Only interested in dance and street plays...I was pushed to take part in Singing though I hated the choir..
Used to negotiate with my teachers and school captains to let me in Plays....
I never got very good comments over my acting skills than my best friend ..hehe...but I knew I will evolve if I work on my acting more and more ....and I did....I blossomed as an actor....!!
I took part at state levels ...won few of them too... I got lead roles too...
I loved that part ov my school life...
Anyhow...Did not get much to do in my best area in School.... grew 2 offers for small commercial movies... several others for modelling... I never wanted to do latter
However ...i knew how badly I wanted the former.... My Daddy being very Possessive refused....
No problem...
I love my parents... I followed what they said.... They are experienced so did not crib at all....
Suppressed My dream....

Today when I have nothing much to do...and there are 3-4 interviews lined up ...I , sometimes feel bad bout them.... because I may put my best into everything I start but cannot put my heart into everything.... and end up looking all fake in Interviews...:P or act my love for the job out... lol...
Got Clueless about my Career .....
When people ask me.... What do I do....?
I feel so matter i worked with big companies yet was Not that happy inside...
But I do get vibes of high hopes for the true love towards my work in future... If not, I will keep acting out...Proud :)

So, I am here living my life... without anything Interesting to do.... but will definitely try theatre soon or I may end up being just a simple housewife ( which I always wanted to be as Meet is my first love and Movies- the second)....

So My love never ended.... I still love movies like Insane.....
M such a movie buff...
I prefer watching them on dvd... so that I can pause...go back... play again a particular scene...listen to the dialogue...observe the expressions....try practicing in front of the Mirror...unless it gets better and better and better.....IN MY OWN STYLE

Few of my favourite Flicks are :
Clueless...I have heard Clueless Sequel is coming up with Alicia again.
Pretty woman
French Kiss
She's all that.
The Holiday
The grudge ( all horror stuff )
Jab We Met
Mean Girls
Titanic (dying to see its sequel too)
Lost and Delirious
American Pie(s) ;)

and ...Countless others

My favourite Actors/esses:

Freddie Prinze Jr.
Leonardo Dicaprio
Tom Hanks
Tom Cruise
Alicia Silverstone
Meg Ryan
Julia Roberts
Kareena Kapoor
John Ab
Cameron Diaz
Drew Barrymore
Dia Mirza
Paul Rudd
n many others
( P.S most of the men were stated above cuz i find them cute....)

The list would get updated from year to year, month to month, week to week.... as I watch movies very frequently and there are no reasons as to why I love a movie...
whenever I feel close to a character and I get an urge to push the actress away to the bin and act instead of her.....
Funny ...Isn't it?

I loved sharing that in my blog
* Blow kisses *

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Finally M back

Meet's phone HAD lost from the examination hall on friday...and the long procedure regarding the duplicate sim is not working since 3 days...he got a new phone still the network is down and what so is really annoying....
Imagine ....I haven't chit chatted him every detail of my life since three days... Cannot even empty these 3 days were....they seemed the longessssttttesttt days of my life....
I hated them....
Wifi caught no blogging, face-booking,Downloading new music...Life without Internet was so

As u know...I do not sleep at nights
...So, I watched a movie ... "I'll always know what you did last summer" on got over at 3 am...had a word with Mumma and we slept...
*Second night was again wierd....I watched my favourite movie: Clueless like dozen times...I have its DVD..:P! It just gives me relief .....!!!
*Yesterday Tata sky had problems with me... Whatever...Ultimately TV was there last night .. watched 3-episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S back to back...Didn't get to know...1 kab baja...
Then was talking on and on and on with Mumma...Din let her sleep till 5 am...

A friend woke me up at 11:40 am...sob sob...then i did not sleep cuz i had to wish Meet good luck for his 3rd exam...poor baby says.." I wont be doing well because I am not able to hear your voice so often nowdays"
However I know you are going to do really well hunny....
After his exam...He will straight away come to see me... And hopefully his phone would work today...!!

These three days were not that bad...AND some moments were Intolerable...Pissing...and TERRIBLE...

Finally I can chat ONLINE with my friends today ...
Finally I 'll see Teddo again....
Finally And Hopefully his phone will work....
Finally My TV started to speak last night.....
Finally I wished My favourite teacher a happy birthday (after an year hehe)...
Finally I smiled truly in the mirror
Finally I would be speaking to my baby for hours *Fingers crossed*
Finally I got back to proper diet again
Finally I checked 157 notifications on facebook.wooowoo.
Finally I uploaded 2 new pics there...
Finally guess what...I got my full length pic clicked and it came out to be much much better than my Imagination....As Somebody truly said..."it's just a figment of your imagination"
Finally I am just myself....
Finally I got to talk to my moma last night for 5-6 hours...which just happens sporadically...
Finally I am meeting my friends next week (probably)
Finally I am going to Gurdwara after a long period...Sorry God...My mistake...


Friday, June 5, 2009

Light of Life

A single room enlightened by Four Candles, With some aura of magic and scent.
Godly love amongst them all.
One spoke,the rest's ears were lent.

One Dark night, The first namely Faith started to weep and ...sigh
"I want to die I want to die"...
She died while confiding...
"when No trust exist anymore, Bless you all"

The second body of tallow called as Peace
was stunned and pissed and grieved
Peace sighed "No trust No peace"
There's Terror...Corruption and No relief.

Bye friends and it Blew off.

Third Candle stood strong for a while and started talking to the fourth
Love and Surprise were their names respectively.
Love stopped shooting off too and said "
how on Earth am I complete without trust?"

"Peace diminished, so My work is over" .

Dogs were barking, Moon was shining.
Trees bowed down to these braveries.
Grass went still and sound.
The glowy room went dark with an only candle burning.
Untill a Little boy came inside the room in this horror night.

With the help of the Surprise candle,
He illuminated all the other three...
The dark room went radiated
Happy ending but the climax still remains....
Who was the Surprise candle ???
The candle which sustained while all died free..

The room was re-decorated...
We got our trust, Love and peace..
Which was the high spirited candle the one which freed us from all the dark and grief.
The one which got us immense scope
It was the candle of HOPE.

Hope is the bright shining light which keeps darkness at the bay
It is the cold breeze which makes the sun endurable...
It is through which diseases get curable.
Hope was the one in the story....
which brought back love, trust and peace, thus Life's glory.

P.S: This story was narrated by Teddo last night...when I was a little lost...So i decided to re-design it and share on my blog..Hope you all liked it...I just HOPE..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Its Paining...n y isn't it Raining???

I have this problem while driving nowadays.... My left arm aches badly while changing gears....the pain goes through the shoulder bone...reaches my arm and freaks me...
It's too hot moreover...
Nimbu paani, Shakes, Slushes, Iced tea and Cold coffee are my friends this season...!!
i HAD Cool blue from CCD....with Teddo...
I hate going out in the sun...working out is even worse....Eww....
Since morning...Mai aaj daant Kha rahi hu...tsk tsk...or ghoom rahi hu....
Mumma said: Don't pop ur puppy eyes out.. You drama queen :P
Aisa nahi hai maa...tujhe sab hai pata hai naaa maa...:)
I dun feel like having dinner... khana dekhne ka bhi mann nahi kar raha...!!
This summer.... I am so addicted to my room, Laptop and books...yawwwnnn....I got up reeeelly late today ( nothing new ) though this has to be changed....and nowdays i loose my temper comparitively this is not at all Coolio...Teddo jokes: 'Tere ko cchedne ka matlab hai sher ke mu se mutton nikaalna'....
la la la....I love him...
I have to Calm calm calm..... the new lotion will hopefully work
I feel like going for a swim... have to get rid of the last year's is awful....
Tomorrow i have to go for a Snap....eww full snap for an interview... Why do I feel wierd??
Chalo jo bhi hai.... I am praying'll come out to be good and slimmer....pheww..!!... I generally look motuuu in my full pics...!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Dont feel a need for Anyone else...

mE~ cONtroversies... my Life ~full of continous - pangas... Shame shame..haww...but mere ko bahot hassi aa rahi hai..!!! Someone who I really liked (in the previous post) said...That :" I keep grudges...and take revenge thereafter" n " M an insecured girlfriend" and ...what ?? yeah... I have a pathetic I? May be/ may be not...but thats the way I am...!!

At least M A true friend...!! I never leave my friends in their sorrow...i listen to them...Understand their pain....try doing everything...but obviously cannot let people take advantage of me...regardless of what so ever...!!
M no1's Slave...

"Only he can understand what a farm is, what a country is, who shall have sacrificed part of himself to his farm or country, fought to save it, struggled to make it beautiful. Only then will the love of farm or country fill his heart."

As if I really care... I really do not care about your accusations.... because i never expected anything out of you.... I have stated in one of my previous posts...that I 'll rather stay alone....I still stick to that...the only difference is that today I am really happy in my life... My peace of mind is still there...!! I have not given any random one the authority to ruin my mood...or affect my life..!!

No grudges- No hatred- No regrets- No sorrows- No greed- No expectations

The fact is...No matter my 'so called' friends hurt me...No matter what they accuse me of...No matter I am no one to them.....I wouldn't take it to least Not for someone who did not even try see my warm side....
Who doesn't even regard my friendship or understand my Love....who doesn't see my compromises...and that I was with them in their time of need unlike them...!! I wish them all the yeah pitty on them...

I am harsh to those who try treating me like their slaves...!!
I am sarcastic to those who initiate on their own..!!

I am happy for everyone who is happy around...!!
No one is my enemy.!!
I am honest to myself and others...!!
I have the will to accept the truth...!!

I don't hurt anyone intentionally at least...!!
and then I am not God to be perfect...!!

so does that mean...My attitude is pathetic...?

A question
why do people always point 1 bad thing over 100 sacrifices...???? and another question... Why do people who tend to injure others badly...dun have the capacity to take a li'l wound ????

I am not here for explanations...they are just my random feelings....!! I am not an insecured girlfriend...cuz i trust my Love blindly...even if a slut sits on him...I am not a kid that I wouldn't make out...that who has what character....!! and M not perfect-neither a barbie doll...that I 'll simply endure...

I always share this with Teddo...that If you are by my side....I can fight with the entire world...!!
If you are with me...
I know I am right.. and i can make a revolution...!!
If you are wimme....I can live happily ever after without a single regret..!!
I don't want anything teddo....Just "you" and trust me.. I will be the happiest person on planet as I am today.....the luckiest..the happiest.....
n for someone so sure of what's Love can never be insecured...:)
And i guess we are enough for each other...!! At least I don't need anyone else...!!

Amith... You heard me before i wrote this...I guess that's what made me at peace.. ... it means a lot to me...that You were there..!!
No thank you's...just feeling blessed..!!