Saturday, March 14, 2009

My father- my Hero...

This is just a token to my father...its his b'day tommorow...(15th mar)

he is the best father in the world,,... n i have never seen a man who faced inumerous hardships... still bounced back ..... with the snap of his fingers...n that too with a sweet smile as if nothing had happened

He is a bit different ...he has never asked me to sit by his side and explain what should i do and that silience always sent my will instant messages of responsibility...n maturity...he trusts me and i know i never have to break that trust..

Sometimes, when i sit back and realize what all has he achieved...though not much...yet more than the world...

The thought of writing about you for the first time appealed me a lot...i have known my dad since day 1 of my birth and as mumma told me.... the instant the nurse saw me ...she exclaimed..." the baby is just lyk her father!!"... though this phrase is veri common in my family and thus is repeated many times still i wanna hear it over n over again since it gives me a sense of High Pride...Am his daughter and em proud of it... all i could purchase was an archies card which he considers as a waste of money and over that i couldn't afford anything as much as your true precious smile...No matter people how misinterpret you ....i'll always know that this man can never be harmful to a li'l ant on the road....he wouldn't even kill a mosquito who bit him and gave him he says "ismei bhi jaan hai"

His warm smile and shiny eyes indicate the unmatched patience and high Iam today to be grateful of the great education u provided me...endure this brat who always break rules made by you...n most importantly accept me as Iam....
You are a mentor...a guide...a hero...or lemme put it like this ..."MY inspiration"..Cuz wenevr i feel low and i dunno which way to go...i sit back n think wt wud hav papa done in this case and i follow through...
thanks for getting up at 3 in the morning when i wasn't well....thnks for smiling wen i wanted u to smile...moulding your rules..(a bit)...and n number of other things...which if i start writing would be endless....

n yeah HAPPY BDAY....i wish lots of success and smiles to u...
stay blessed and keep shining as u always do...
have fun....n like evri normal ordinary daughter i will ask u today to
(white is yo fav colour so this blog is in white)



This lost soul cries in the  crowd;
Shattered still pretended to be proud
Proud of???
Of the empty days and nights?
Of the hidden tears and sighs?
The wound which still hurts
The heart which neva blurts..
This brain is the sole equipment
which helps to win over evri situation..
Lonely room and the fake smile 
Aloof of the world,None walked together for a single mile...
The unheard houls, the unseen expressions
This world moved on and left aggression
A single being on this earth doesn't care
People around just laughed and stared...
No foes and frenz when looked arround
Houls and yells were the only sounds
Counted the stars with high hopes
Countless were they like teardrops
Life turned into a hell, dun wanna get caught
Even i wana njoy as its short
Woudnt expect this world to stand near
Not neglecting nor do i fear
Observed it and so used to it
Now least bothered bout them a li'l bit....!!!!

Where's that place?

My World still shines

 with Heart of billion beings
Where is the peace and Clarity in mind
Where's the perfect place to find?
Towards the place i go
is a cobweb you know...
I treat my heart against the dark
To transfer it into the power of sunshine
I sincerely follow my Instinct
I believed in the strength of my soul
To find a safer corner, it tries harder
This reminds me to go further
Into the world of mine
To find a minor place to live in this
Huge world which still shines.....