Friday, June 5, 2009

Light of Life

A single room enlightened by Four Candles, With some aura of magic and scent.
Godly love amongst them all.
One spoke,the rest's ears were lent.

One Dark night, The first namely Faith started to weep and ...sigh
"I want to die I want to die"...
She died while confiding...
"when No trust exist anymore, Bless you all"

The second body of tallow called as Peace
was stunned and pissed and grieved
Peace sighed "No trust No peace"
There's Terror...Corruption and No relief.

Bye friends and it Blew off.

Third Candle stood strong for a while and started talking to the fourth
Love and Surprise were their names respectively.
Love stopped shooting off too and said "
how on Earth am I complete without trust?"

"Peace diminished, so My work is over" .

Dogs were barking, Moon was shining.
Trees bowed down to these braveries.
Grass went still and sound.
The glowy room went dark with an only candle burning.
Untill a Little boy came inside the room in this horror night.

With the help of the Surprise candle,
He illuminated all the other three...
The dark room went radiated
Happy ending but the climax still remains....
Who was the Surprise candle ???
The candle which sustained while all died free..

The room was re-decorated...
We got our trust, Love and peace..
Which was the high spirited candle the one which freed us from all the dark and grief.
The one which got us immense scope
It was the candle of HOPE.

Hope is the bright shining light which keeps darkness at the bay
It is the cold breeze which makes the sun endurable...
It is through which diseases get curable.
Hope was the one in the story....
which brought back love, trust and peace, thus Life's glory.

P.S: This story was narrated by Teddo last night...when I was a little lost...So i decided to re-design it and share on my blog..Hope you all liked it...I just HOPE..