Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I din give them a CHANCE

You're...My Friend,
my companion,through good times and bad....
my friend, my buddy,through happy and sad,
beside me you stand,
beside me you walk,
you're there to listen,
you're there to talk,
with happiness, with smiles,
with pain and tears,
I know you'll be there,
throughout the years!

I have not written this....but read this it really true?
I have no idea....
I have only one best friend ...thats Meet..He is my everything... and for rest unlucky peeps around..I can say that Iam their friend..but I hardly discuss a word bout me with them...Isnt that Unfair? SO will it be fair to call them my friends...its not their mistake I dont share my notions... i m not Comfortable. Funny?
Y m i not able to speak??
I had a word bout this with Meet... N he said...remove your ego and your heart You ll know the answer...
Is that so?
Will i find a better friend in my existing circle like this??
It will be wrong to say that I don't need anybody.... I need them...I feel so so called frens discuss their problems with me..i respond them..I communicate well...but when i have a problem...and meet isnt around...I cry,howl,do what so ever...but I wouldn't bother anyone...thinking that he/she might not respond properly, might be busy, and innumerous other things....and this mistake of mine has created a big question mark for me....
My friends think M the happiest person on earth...
A tarot reader told me that i share all the happy moments with people but when it comes to sorrows....I suppress it

why why why?

I was stupid to do that....:(
M sad....what should i do?
Kisi ko samajh bhi nahi aaya hoga ki mai kya kehna chahti hu....awwwwwww.....uhun uhun.....mumyyyyyyy

Come...Know me better..

U wont get it later....

i have this gut feeling to get famous 1 day so i might not have much time....vaise frens k liye i always have time....however...kya pata? genuinely nahi mile toh.....

so here are 100 questions underneath which i need to answer....on serious notes...i just wanted to see ...Will I be Honest in answering these personal things...Lets see...


Kissed your cousin: No.

Ran away: Yeah ....I still do.. :)

Pictured your crush naked: See i knew this quiz isnt that easy....Yes...!!

Skipped school: Innumerous times ...Stomach ache...headache...toothache...achyache

Broken someone's heart: May be..but if he/she had...

Been in love: Yes m in LOVE...

Cried when someone died: Yes. I cried when my close fren, grandparents and the closest person to me died...i still cry at nights for them...this phase is the hardest...
I howled last night too missing someone veri veri close to me...
Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have: yes.Hell..

Broken a bone: A partial fracture .... donno..frget it

Done something embarrasing: Yes followed with regrets

Lied: Those who say we dun lie...Are lying...!!

Cried in school: I what???? Cried???? I howled.!!!


Coke or Pepsi: Kuch bhi Chalega..i dun get the difference till date

Sprite or 7UP: Same as above

Girls or Guys: 1 guy and a Bunch of Girls will do for me 
Razz I donno what u r thinking...But Iam thinking right

Flowers or Candy: Both 
Mr. Green M greedy

Scruff or Clean shaved: Well...Rudded look for my guy 
Razz .

Blondes or Brunettes: Brunette, cz Iam one.

Bitchy or Slutty: Bitchy...

Tall or Short: Shorter if it is a girl....Taller if it is a guy

Pants or Shorts: Both at the right timings

Night or Day: Night, for most things


What do you notice first: Attitude and Looks

Last person you slow danced with: Meet...( dil ko tumse pyaar hua )

Worst Question To Ask: Bring it on....i dont have much ASK...( it could be difficult but not worst )


Showered: A few hours hours ago. 

Had Sex: Another one...may be this is one of the worst question but not difficult for me...NOT YET.

Romantic memory: My darling's Birthday this year

WHAT IS (your favourite)...

Your Good Luck Charm: My close ones Pics in my wallet

Person You Hate Most: Well no one in particular...Any one who is dumb, mean, a hypocrite...I hate people for a moment coz i try find their bright sides too...So cant hate anyone forever...but i have seen devils on earth so may be All rapists, Murderers...Heartless people...!

Best Thing That Has Happened: Meet

On your desk: Right now i can figure out My friends pictures, Lord budha, some books, Candles, Dictionary...pens n so on

Picture on your desktop: My idol's picture

Movie: Clueless

Artist: Enrique

Cars: I Just love cars....Porche

Ice Cream: Chocolate and Blackcurrent

Season: the current one

Breakfast Food: I hate breakfast...Mostly sleeping when its breakfast its Brunch for me


Makes you laugh the most: Some Friends.... 
Mr. Green

Makes you smile: My mumma.. 

Can make you feel better no matter what: Meet

Has A Crush On You: I think there are a couple of guys

Do You Have A Crush On Someone: No... 

Who Has it easier? Girls or Guys?: Girls

Gives you A Funny Feeling When You See Them: Define funny????


Sit by the phone waiting for a phone call all night: Yeah Many nights waiting for my baby's call when he is late Sad

Save MSN conversations: Not now...I used to do all these things an year ago 

Save E-mails: Yeah, I don't usually delete emails.

Forward secret E-mails: I hate e-mails...I dun go check my inbox for months n months.

Wish you were someone else: NO WAY but yeah wish for a better life...with more caring and honest people around

Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: Nope.

Perfume: J.Lo

Kiss: I just love

Cuddle: I love to cuddle ... i love all the mushy mushy stuff.

Go online for longer than eight hours at a time: A few times... I din count the hours...May be...!!


Fallen for your best friend?: I don't really have a 'best' friend.

Made out with JUST a friend?: Nooooo

Kissed two people in the same day?: lol No...intersting though 

Had sex with two different people in the same day?: Ewww noooo.

Been rejected: Ahhh...yes...In an interview.... :) I messed it up...!

Been in love?: Yes yes yes..M IN LOVE....:P

Been in lust?: yeah

Used someone?: Yes ... in order to take revenge.

Been used?: theory says...there are two classes of people....
1) to get used 2) who USE people 
but this theory is not included in USE N THROW types....!

Cheated on someone?: No.

Been cheated on?: yeah yeah hehe...Unforgettable

Been kissed?: Yes.

Done something you regret?: Yeah been friends with wrong people


You touched?: Me

You talked to?: Mommie 

You hugged?: Meet

You instant messaged?: someone known as Orkut fren.

You kissed?: Meet who else? n lately a peck on  Mommie's cheeks...mwahhhh yummy

You yelled at?: Meet...half of the day yesterday was venting out my frustation...m feeling guilty n like a Bi*ch

You thought about?: Umm...Myself (Iam selfish) 
Razz but thought of making a new friend...a long lasting one...

Who text messaged you?: Meet asking bout my well being as m not well

Who broke your heart?: A so called 'friend' she turned out to be a real Hypocrite

Who told you they loved you?: Many people loves me 
Cry Razz Doubt who all were faking and who all said it from the core of their hearts


Color your hair?: Nope. I did it school...Color is too bad...I love it natural. I love black

Have tattoos?: No...waiting to get one angel near my ankle

Have piercings?: yeah..3-4

Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: hell yessss

Own a webcam?: Ya...but kharaab hai...:(

Own a thong?: lol...lets check out the cupboard

Ever get off the damn computer?: Tough but manage to do

Sprechen Sie Deutch? yes...i know German..Ich spreche Deutch

Habla espanol?: i just know this is Spanish but i Donno spanish....lets fly off to SPAIN..he he

Quack?: Yeah pagal hu mai ....i do every random thing...quack quack quack


Stolen anything?: What????? NO NO NO

Smoke?: Nope.. there are better ways to DIE.

Obsessive?: Self Obsessed

Compulsive?: Not really. o. Razz

Panic?: Occasionally....

Anxiety?: Lasst night

Depressed?: Reasonably....!!

What do u love??
Small things like a sweet message from a Sweet friend telling that he/she cares, Coffee, Popcorns, Music, My babie, Laptop...

Confession: M very Pissed off right noww...see yaa