Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Budday Babie...!!

Em Late Guyz... I thot of updating his budday the very day it happened, that was Saturday n this is Tuesday...:(

Well well well...The gud News is....My idea got its shape and he had his best budday bash evaa....
What wasn't there??

*All his frenz n Cousins were invited
* Hookah n Boozing
* People went mad Dancing...
* A close dance with him on 'Dil ko tumse pyaar hua' the centre of the party hall surrounded by like 15 frenz.
* Great pictures were clicked.
*Amazing gifts that he got...!!
*Impressed his family..yippiee....<3
*We awl were lookin cute.
* Everi1 was happy....n this party was reciprocated by comments like.."we neva saw such a pardiee"
* Incredible Champagne.
* Washroom Kiss..mwahhh  (.Sshhhhhh....!!!)
* It rained ( Sexiest Weather ever )

It wasn't just his day was my Love's celebration too...His birthday party Rocked...People wouldn't forget it....I bet....!!
 We missed the ones who din come,  the 1s who wern't there, MISSED all the FUN.... [:P|
And m reallie happy that my idea took a good shape....

Congo hunny....n yaa here are my bday wishes tto you
^ Keep Smiling ( true smile )
^ Loadzaa Success
^ May u get what your Heart desire
^ Keep loving yo family and Me...( n you get more love reverted )
^ Be successful in what u doing.
^ In short: I wish fo you....Love, Success, Happiness,Peace of mind, Long Life, gud Health, Joy, Fun, 2 kids lol, And Me....!! = A puurrffeecccttt   life
^ And I wish u keep kissing me like the 1 on your b'day...

Bless you babie...

AND YES THAT WAS ONE OF THE MOST HAPPY DAYS OF MY LIFE.... I got to understand a lot...and a confusion between Need and Desire got resolved ....

Happy bday ....'
Live long