Friday, April 10, 2009

Shopping Bag$ for this Summer

This Post isnt my idea...It's Dipti's IDEA.....THANKS baby u rock    /m\

Well...I am in no stress now...
Really relaxedd.....But still I'll make a Shopping list Prior getting Stressed Out....
Top 10 things which should fill up my shopping bags :

10) A new Key chain for my car keys...$
9) A good Perfume, Lotion and Sunscreen.$
8) Thinking of some new unique accessories .$
7) A pair of flats.$
6) A pair of Stelatoes.$
5) Few Cool Tops for summers and fabrics ( y fabrics??? i design my most of my clothes ) .$
4) A new big hand bag...( a very trendy 1 ).$
3) Trackpants ( for jogging ).$
2) New Sports Shoes ( for jogging again ).$
1) A pair of skinny Jeans ( its been long i picked up any ).$

so i  got a bling on the above  

Conditions Apply:
1) Everything should be unique.
2) I expect my father to refill my credit card as soon after I buy all this...:)$

Boys Dont Crib after reading this...!! :P $$$$$