Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Knight is No more with me

O !! What days they were...

Wen I n my Knight were together..!!
Addicted to his shoulders,
My childhood went by..
As i grew, he din let me cry..!!
His Advices, His Love, His Dreams;
I wanted to give him All.
More than any Parents
He endured all my torments...!!
His strong headed and stiff decisions,
His ardent n Impetuous Visions..!!
He gifted me the best of everything,
Just what i ever had summoned..!!
Till his last breathe, he was stubborn
Did listen to None n din fight his agony..!!
Our bond was was utterly unique,
It was deep in every streak...!!
Someone sitting Above din like it,
My strength has gone after
My knight had left.
My knight in the shining Armour...
an inspirational force  was worn out to carry Burdens,,,
wen He fought his entire times...
Then y not this Destiny's Crimes???
His pain was unbearable to me too...
I coudnt endure it n i was trapped....
I had to decide what do i wish
His well being or His Life??
I prayed to God bt i doubt if there was any...!! :(
I had to see his grave n i was stunned..,
"O !! Y din u gifted me yo victory?"
I asked him on his grave,
I cried, I bent on my knees,
But he din answer and He din reply
My Macho left me Alone with my breathes heavy
To count my teardrops and the Solitary nights....
I loved you, I love you And I 'll alwyas Love you 
Hope u live happily with nothing to compromise.
In the new world you entered, O yes without me,
with the True souls, Real angels, N yeah without me..!!
I dunno where r u? But i knoe what u must b doing..
Must be manifesting Purity, Love and Selflessness...!!
Watching your son and yelling him high ,
In that famous anger n that manly sigh...!!
Must be watching and asking me somewhere..
To make him educated with all good deeds..!!
As i Always needed you..I apologize,
This task also I couldnt do without you 'My Christ'..!!
you WEre an angel, NOW a real one...
An intermediary between Earth n Heaven...!!
Guard your son since m unable to,
I feel like a thorn in the basket of roses...!!
Who m i without u? 
Some of the suppressions, some pains n Hoses
M  a defeat without you darling..!!
M a body without Soul, Strength  and M starving...
Starving for a Relief, Glory and Aid..
My knight..Bring me upon yo traits n Shades.....!!!!!!
All i Have now are the Memories
The life we once together is a Volatility 
Invite me once in your peaceful city
We'll conversate about the incomplete works
Transfer me your Power to begun where you ended...
with a li'l magic and  you, would do all tasks splendid..!!!

{Peace to your soul n yo love FOREVER chachu....hugs and kisses!!}