Wednesday, June 10, 2009

m a Movie Buff

One thing which is prominent about me is "my love for movies"
Doubt about others... but I always tend to get deeply involved in characters, personalities, tears, script, the set of the film...and so on...

As a child I always wanted to be an Actress...

This is one thing I haven't shared with anyone than Teddo.... but acting was the only thing I wished I could do and was the only thing I knew...

A more than an average student...Only interested in dance and street plays...I was pushed to take part in Singing though I hated the choir..
Used to negotiate with my teachers and school captains to let me in Plays....
I never got very good comments over my acting skills than my best friend ..hehe...but I knew I will evolve if I work on my acting more and more ....and I did....I blossomed as an actor....!!
I took part at state levels ...won few of them too... I got lead roles too...
I loved that part ov my school life...
Anyhow...Did not get much to do in my best area in School.... grew 2 offers for small commercial movies... several others for modelling... I never wanted to do latter
However ...i knew how badly I wanted the former.... My Daddy being very Possessive refused....
No problem...
I love my parents... I followed what they said.... They are experienced so did not crib at all....
Suppressed My dream....

Today when I have nothing much to do...and there are 3-4 interviews lined up ...I , sometimes feel bad bout them.... because I may put my best into everything I start but cannot put my heart into everything.... and end up looking all fake in Interviews...:P or act my love for the job out... lol...
Got Clueless about my Career .....
When people ask me.... What do I do....?
I feel so matter i worked with big companies yet was Not that happy inside...
But I do get vibes of high hopes for the true love towards my work in future... If not, I will keep acting out...Proud :)

So, I am here living my life... without anything Interesting to do.... but will definitely try theatre soon or I may end up being just a simple housewife ( which I always wanted to be as Meet is my first love and Movies- the second)....

So My love never ended.... I still love movies like Insane.....
M such a movie buff...
I prefer watching them on dvd... so that I can pause...go back... play again a particular scene...listen to the dialogue...observe the expressions....try practicing in front of the Mirror...unless it gets better and better and better.....IN MY OWN STYLE

Few of my favourite Flicks are :
Clueless...I have heard Clueless Sequel is coming up with Alicia again.
Pretty woman
French Kiss
She's all that.
The Holiday
The grudge ( all horror stuff )
Jab We Met
Mean Girls
Titanic (dying to see its sequel too)
Lost and Delirious
American Pie(s) ;)

and ...Countless others

My favourite Actors/esses:

Freddie Prinze Jr.
Leonardo Dicaprio
Tom Hanks
Tom Cruise
Alicia Silverstone
Meg Ryan
Julia Roberts
Kareena Kapoor
John Ab
Cameron Diaz
Drew Barrymore
Dia Mirza
Paul Rudd
n many others
( P.S most of the men were stated above cuz i find them cute....)

The list would get updated from year to year, month to month, week to week.... as I watch movies very frequently and there are no reasons as to why I love a movie...
whenever I feel close to a character and I get an urge to push the actress away to the bin and act instead of her.....
Funny ...Isn't it?

I loved sharing that in my blog
* Blow kisses *