Friday, June 19, 2009

Do you have a true friend?

"Friends and books should be good and few", I have heard this!!!
"It's 3 in the morning and here's a call,
to cry out loud telling she had a bad day in the classroom and way to hall."

She tells you which outfit looks hotter, She tries and make you feel better!!
She wouldn't utter a word of disgrace no matter how awful you look in that make-up, She'll say it the other way round to make you feel comfortable and change it...!!
She'll kick you when u get unreasonable, or you're blatantly wrong...!!
She'll stand by you no matter you were irrational and totally wrong..but wouldnt let you feel insulted amongst a bunch..!!
She'll laugh and cry with you..!! She'll just say anything on your face and expect the same back..!!
She'll be willing to go beyond the call of duty for you and has every right to be angry with you if you do not do the same.
If you aren't well on the New year's Eve...she'll sit by you and just because she knows that you believe that.. however you spend your new year, you'll spend rest of the year the same...!!
And she doesn't want you to feel sick and alone...!!
" A true Friend knows everything bout you and still likes you "

She has a right over you, You don't fear to be yourself in front of her...!!

[P.S: I refer to "She", It can be "he" in that place too.

I want all the readers of this post to let me know, who do you consider your true friend as?

I want to know who your true friend is....and what is one cute thing bout him/her that makes him/her the best of all !!!

Is she your wife, your sister, your girlfriend, your classmate?
Or your brother, uncle, gym partner, father???

WHO?????? ]

(I referred to my Mom in my post, She is my true best friend....!!! Believe it or not she has all these qualities and even more...!! I love her)