Friday, April 10, 2009

Shopping Bag$ for this Summer

This Post isnt my idea...It's Dipti's IDEA.....THANKS baby u rock    /m\

Well...I am in no stress now...
Really relaxedd.....But still I'll make a Shopping list Prior getting Stressed Out....
Top 10 things which should fill up my shopping bags :

10) A new Key chain for my car keys...$
9) A good Perfume, Lotion and Sunscreen.$
8) Thinking of some new unique accessories .$
7) A pair of flats.$
6) A pair of Stelatoes.$
5) Few Cool Tops for summers and fabrics ( y fabrics??? i design my most of my clothes ) .$
4) A new big hand bag...( a very trendy 1 ).$
3) Trackpants ( for jogging ).$
2) New Sports Shoes ( for jogging again ).$
1) A pair of skinny Jeans ( its been long i picked up any ).$

so i  got a bling on the above  

Conditions Apply:
1) Everything should be unique.
2) I expect my father to refill my credit card as soon after I buy all this...:)$

Boys Dont Crib after reading this...!! :P $$$$$


Jack said...


Sorry. I was a little tied up. Read your 4 posts just now. Friends are nice to have but you need your space too. A couple of them whom you have tested and trust can be ones to share your ups & downs and I am sure they will not let you down. Wow, I almost felt on the island listening to surf. You both are lucky to have each other. Wish you both a very very long happy innings. Shopping, well you have planned nicely. Hope your father does fulfil you wish about cards.

Thanks for the visit. I have replied.

Take care

Sonal Arora said...

heyyy thxxxx....... :) i ll see the reply..

Dipti said...

lol nice list

yes a BIG handbag is a MUST....i recently bought a new one....i fill it up with th emost unnecessary but still necessary things whenever i go out... its fun...its cool when you can say "yeah i have it" whenever someone asks for something...

you design ur own clothes? thats fab!! keep it up

yeah being unique is important...i dont like it when i see someone else wearing the same top ... its so annoying..i stop wearing that top then.

skinny jeans..i need black ones now...

and some dresses for this so done with jeans n tops...there shd be some variety.... of course jeans n tops are the most comfortable..but one can always explore the options...

have fun!!!!!

Sonal Arora said...

yeah...true girl...i giv away the top i see sm1 else wearing...:)...n thnx for this shopping list idea...