Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Come...Know me better..

U wont get it later....

i have this gut feeling to get famous 1 day so i might not have much time....vaise frens k liye i always have time....however...kya pata? genuinely nahi mile toh.....

so here are 100 questions underneath which i need to answer....on serious notes...i just wanted to see ...Will I be Honest in answering these personal things...Lets see...


Kissed your cousin: No.

Ran away: Yeah ....I still do.. :)

Pictured your crush naked: See i knew this quiz isnt that easy....Yes...!!

Skipped school: Innumerous times ...Stomach ache...headache...toothache...achyache

Broken someone's heart: May be..but if he/she had...

Been in love: Yes m in LOVE...

Cried when someone died: Yes. I cried when my close fren, grandparents and the closest person to me died...i still cry at nights for them...this phase is the hardest...
I howled last night too missing someone veri veri close to me...
Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have: yes.Hell..

Broken a bone: A partial fracture .... donno..frget it

Done something embarrasing: Yes followed with regrets

Lied: Those who say we dun lie...Are lying...!!

Cried in school: I what???? Cried???? I howled.!!!


Coke or Pepsi: Kuch bhi Chalega..i dun get the difference till date

Sprite or 7UP: Same as above

Girls or Guys: 1 guy and a Bunch of Girls will do for me 
Razz I donno what u r thinking...But Iam thinking right

Flowers or Candy: Both 
Mr. Green M greedy

Scruff or Clean shaved: Well...Rudded look for my guy 
Razz .

Blondes or Brunettes: Brunette, cz Iam one.

Bitchy or Slutty: Bitchy...

Tall or Short: Shorter if it is a girl....Taller if it is a guy

Pants or Shorts: Both at the right timings

Night or Day: Night, for most things


What do you notice first: Attitude and Looks

Last person you slow danced with: Meet...( dil ko tumse pyaar hua )

Worst Question To Ask: Bring it on....i dont have much ASK...( it could be difficult but not worst )


Showered: A few hours hours ago. 

Had Sex: Another one...may be this is one of the worst question but not difficult for me...NOT YET.

Romantic memory: My darling's Birthday this year

WHAT IS (your favourite)...

Your Good Luck Charm: My close ones Pics in my wallet

Person You Hate Most: Well no one in particular...Any one who is dumb, mean, a hypocrite...I hate people for a moment coz i try find their bright sides too...So cant hate anyone forever...but i have seen devils on earth so may be All rapists, Murderers...Heartless people...!

Best Thing That Has Happened: Meet

On your desk: Right now i can figure out My friends pictures, Lord budha, some books, Candles, Dictionary...pens n so on

Picture on your desktop: My idol's picture

Movie: Clueless

Artist: Enrique

Cars: I Just love cars....Porche

Ice Cream: Chocolate and Blackcurrent

Season: the current one

Breakfast Food: I hate breakfast...Mostly sleeping when its breakfast its Brunch for me


Makes you laugh the most: Some Friends.... 
Mr. Green

Makes you smile: My mumma.. 

Can make you feel better no matter what: Meet

Has A Crush On You: I think there are a couple of guys

Do You Have A Crush On Someone: No... 

Who Has it easier? Girls or Guys?: Girls

Gives you A Funny Feeling When You See Them: Define funny????


Sit by the phone waiting for a phone call all night: Yeah Many nights waiting for my baby's call when he is late Sad

Save MSN conversations: Not now...I used to do all these things an year ago 

Save E-mails: Yeah, I don't usually delete emails.

Forward secret E-mails: I hate e-mails...I dun go check my inbox for months n months.

Wish you were someone else: NO WAY but yeah wish for a better life...with more caring and honest people around

Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: Nope.

Perfume: J.Lo

Kiss: I just love

Cuddle: I love to cuddle ... i love all the mushy mushy stuff.

Go online for longer than eight hours at a time: A few times... I din count the hours...May be...!!


Fallen for your best friend?: I don't really have a 'best' friend.

Made out with JUST a friend?: Nooooo

Kissed two people in the same day?: lol No...intersting though 

Had sex with two different people in the same day?: Ewww noooo.

Been rejected: Ahhh...yes...In an interview.... :) I messed it up...!

Been in love?: Yes yes yes..M IN LOVE....:P

Been in lust?: yeah

Used someone?: Yes ... in order to take revenge.

Been used?: theory says...there are two classes of people....
1) to get used 2) who USE people 
but this theory is not included in USE N THROW types....!

Cheated on someone?: No.

Been cheated on?: yeah yeah hehe...Unforgettable

Been kissed?: Yes.

Done something you regret?: Yeah been friends with wrong people


You touched?: Me

You talked to?: Mommie 

You hugged?: Meet

You instant messaged?: someone known as Orkut fren.

You kissed?: Meet who else? n lately a peck on  Mommie's cheeks...mwahhhh yummy

You yelled at?: Meet...half of the day yesterday was venting out my frustation...m feeling guilty n like a Bi*ch

You thought about?: Umm...Myself (Iam selfish) 
Razz but thought of making a new friend...a long lasting one...

Who text messaged you?: Meet asking bout my well being as m not well

Who broke your heart?: A so called 'friend' she turned out to be a real Hypocrite

Who told you they loved you?: Many people loves me 
Cry Razz Doubt who all were faking and who all said it from the core of their hearts


Color your hair?: Nope. I did it school...Color is too bad...I love it natural. I love black

Have tattoos?: No...waiting to get one angel near my ankle

Have piercings?: yeah..3-4

Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: hell yessss

Own a webcam?: Ya...but kharaab hai...:(

Own a thong?: lol...lets check out the cupboard

Ever get off the damn computer?: Tough but manage to do

Sprechen Sie Deutch? yes...i know German..Ich spreche Deutch

Habla espanol?: i just know this is Spanish but i Donno spanish....lets fly off to SPAIN..he he

Quack?: Yeah pagal hu mai ....i do every random thing...quack quack quack


Stolen anything?: What????? NO NO NO

Smoke?: Nope.. there are better ways to DIE.

Obsessive?: Self Obsessed

Compulsive?: Not really. o. Razz

Panic?: Occasionally....

Anxiety?: Lasst night

Depressed?: Reasonably....!!

What do u love??
Small things like a sweet message from a Sweet friend telling that he/she cares, Coffee, Popcorns, Music, My babie, Laptop...

Confession: M very Pissed off right noww...see yaa


Jack said...


Nice of you to give honest replies mostly. You seem to be well balanced.

Take care

Sonal Arora said...

hehe thnkss Jack