Monday, May 18, 2009

♥♥Here without "YOU"♥♥

Missing you babie....♥♥
Though, You aren't with me...
the whole world seems Depopulated..♥♥
My knees are weak....
My heart is heavy...
but your love is my strength...♥♥
then why is it making me weak..??
Still after four years in the relation...
get butterflies in my stomach...
when i think bout you..
or you look into my eyes..♥♥
such is our love..
so fresh yet so old..♥♥
Look into my eyes...
did not sleep since longg...♥♥
Waiting for my world..
my world is you..
just want to embrace your love
around my arms ...♥♥
the moonlight speaks only of you
n donot let me sleep♥♥
my castles haunt me...
m so empty yet so heavy inside somewhere near the stomach♥♥
M still here without you....
you are there ...n still not wimme...♥♥ are my need...!!
Missing you like hell in the heaven...♥♥
I ♥ you forever...♥♥


~PrIncEsS nUcHu~ said...

Honey babe... Hope ur Dear comes soon to embrace you with you loads of love.. TC dear

Jack said...


How lucky is the one for whom you penned this! Hope he realises it. Wish you all the best for very very happy future together.

Take care

Sonal Arora said...

hey nuchu....thnks for the wishes...
Uncle, thnks..yea i guess he does realise it..n m more than lucky to get him...!!
tk care

ash89 said...

awww thats such a sweet post! Btw, do drop by my blog! :)