Sunday, May 24, 2009


He just came to pick me up....coz he has his exams from next week on...n Economics isnt his cup of tea...
I went to his place...we started studying....Freak !! he knew everything...he said I wanted to study looking at you..."I get positive vibes and inspiration"
huh? now what was that suppose to mean...?
So it was just a lame bahana so that I come up to his place...his mom is as sweet as ever....she gifted me a dress
and yesterday she talked to me as if I am just a few days away to come into her family....
she likes me....i guess so..!!
...but the Rare part was that I met his grandma ( Dadi ) for the first time... She liked me...infact it was told to her that I am just Teddo's friend....
ha ha ha...
she said.." No let it be a friend .... I want my grandson to marry this girl itself..she said M pretty "
0~wierd~ strange~filmy~glimpsy~wowwy~super sexo~0

I mean in true words..."Mazaa aa gya"
I was extremely happy
My Teddo n Me...had a very long chat till 5:15 am in the morning...
we are getting closer n closer Indeed...
N i just want the world's blessings in our lap...
*..tOuch WooD..*

i Dun wanna loose him in any case..I am so worried cuz Life is never perfect... M insecured as m aware of my bad - bad - bad fate...
M extremely insecured and immensely happy at the same time mood is like the waves of the ocean

when ever i feel my castles in the sky beautifully decorated... all things go wrong...


Dear God ...if U have gifted me An Angel of LOve in his form....Don't ever snatch him from me....I can't really breath without him...i know its wrong..a kind of addiction or what so ever...But, My love is this way...I am this way....I can't change so my Love cannot...!! I'll love him till my last breathe and even after that...!! That too Unconditionally !!


My Mood:
moving, rising
reaching, grasping, encasing
tumbling, rumbling
crashing, smashing

Tomorrow is his brother's bday...n I ll c my Teddo again...Thank God !!


D said...

awwwwww.. sweetheart i m also praying for you.. may all your wishes come true.. and this beautiful world of yours stays as beautiful forever!

wow his family LOVES you!!! lucky girllll! :)

dont be insecure.. the fact that you have true love in your life just shows how fortunate you are *touch wood*.. just be happy always


have fun at his bro's birthday pretty girl

Jack said...


It gives immense pleasure to hear that you had happiness all around. Family acceptance is a good sign and it will help you to settle down fast. Have faith in God and all will be fine.

Take care

ash89 said...

sweet! its great that his family likes u! hope the happiness stays!

Sonal Arora said...

D: hey baby thnkss a ton...mwahhh..!!

Uncle J: YEAH family acceptance is a good sign n makes me feel like dancing.

Ash: Thnx for the sweet wishes...!!

Anonymous said...

May God bless you more and answer your prayers soon:) *mwah && Hugs*

Sonal Arora said...

thnks nuchu for ur wishes...:)